Our monthly Talks begin at 10.30am at the Central Methodist Church Hall in St Saviourgate, doors open at 9.30am. Parking is available nearby.

There will be an admission charge for members and guests of £2 plus £1 for tea/coffee, which will be served from 9.45am. The talks will be both in-person and available on Zoom. A link will be sent out during the previous week. They will also be recorded, where possible.

Details are emailed to members in the week before the event.

Saturday 11th February : Cyber crime and other forms of fraud – how to avoid being caught out – Jerry Holland

Jerry Holland is a former special constable with nearly 40 years service in three different police forces. When he retired as North Yorkshire Special Chief officer in 2015 he joined the police’s volunteers and now delivers talks on the problems of fraud and cyber crime and how to minimise your risk of being scammed. Unscrupulous people sometimes try to trick us into giving them money, letting them into our homes, or handing over personal information such as details of our credit cards and bank accounts.  They use emails, text messages and phone calls, or come knocking on our front doors. Cybercrime, involving hacking into computers for commercial gain or to steal personal data, is becoming particularly sophisticated and difficult to spot.  In this talk, Jerry will expose some tactics used by cybercriminals and others, showing us what to look out for and how to avoid being caught out. The talk uses actual examples of frauds to illustrate how we can stay safe online whether using computers, smart phones or other devices. It also explains how other methods of fraud are still very much alive and that we should not lose sight of this in our focus on the risks of cyber crime.

Saturday 11th March : The state of nature in Yorkshire – Alastair Fitter

We hear alarming statements about nature’s decline. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is engaged in a project to establish the state of nature in Yorkshire. Is it as bad in Yorkshire as it is nationally? What plants and animals are doing badly or well? What is causing these changes and what does knowing about them enable us to do to try to reverse nature’s decline and restore Yorkshire to a nature-rich state? Alastair Fitter is emeritus professor of ecology at the University of York and President of the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union. As a trustee of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, he has been helping them develop a State of Nature in Yorkshire report. He has recently addressed the York U3A Gardening Group and last gave a wonderful Saturday Talk on Soil.

This will be followed at approximately 11.30 am by the AGM

Saturday 15th April : A new eye on the Universe: the James Webb Space – Megan Davenport-Connolly / Annabel Reeder

A new eye on the Universe: the James Webb Space Telescope  (further details in the next Newsmail) Note the change of venue!  This talk will be in the Friargate Meeting Room (not the Methodist Hall). 

Note there are two changes to the normal pattern, this is the 3rd Saturday in the month, not 2nd to avoid Easter weekend, and the venue will be the Friargate Meeting House

Saturday 13th May : Eye health in older people and coping with glaucoma – Pouya Alaghband
Saturday 10th June : Bees and Bee-keeping – Anthony Day
Saturday 8th July : From Barrow to Bagdad and back again – Philip Caine