Room and Zoom Bookings

To book Fell or Woolman rooms at the Friends Meeting House, and at the same time to request equipment, select this online booking form:

Booking Request Clifford Street

Email confirmation of room and equipment will follow.

To see confirmed bookings and future availability in the Fell and Woolman rooms, click here: Fell and Woolman Bookings confirmed

To book any other room at the Friends Meeting House i.e. EXCLUDING Fell or Woolman go direct to the Friends, via their website.

To book any other external venue, follow the booking requirements and forms as needed by the venue. They may need insurance copies and Risk Assessments, formats are available from Groups Co-ordinator

To simply book equipment (no room needed) email the Equipment Manager

Zoom Users. Group Leaders can have a regular booking if they wish to use the u3a Pro account for long meetings. Contact Secretary for any such bookings.

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